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Millions of posts are created on LinkedIn every single day.

Nowadays, it’s difficult to stand out and get your posts seen.

I have only 2.000 connections on LinkedIn but I’ve already hit 10.000+ views on my posts many times.

Let me show you how.

Here are 7 tips to increase your posts’ reach.


1. Start with a blast


You need to start your post with a blast. A compelling hook.

Make sure you capture your reader’s attention from the first moment on.

Your first sentence should either be mysterious, surprising or emotional. Tell an emotionally engaging story.

Here are a few examples. Say something like:

  • “You won’t believe this.”
  • “I’ve never thought this would happen to me.”
  • “Yesterday, I met someone special.”

I think you get the idea.

Make them click on that “Read more” button.


2. Space it out


No one likes reading large paragraph chunks.

You need to space it out for mobile viewability.

The reader will thank you for it.


3. Link in first comment


LinkedIn wants to keep their users on LinkedIn (obviously).

The platform will limit your post’s reach if it detects a link in the main post.

Therefore, you should place the link in the first comment instead.

End your post with a clear CTA by saying something like “You can find the link in the first comment below”.


4. Tag relevant connections


Why would you want to tag your connections?


Social proof.

Also, your connections will get a notification and will most likely engage with your post.

Ask yourself this question.

Would you engage with a post that only has 1 like?


What about 50 likes?

Yes, of course. It makes you curious to read the post.

Tagging your connections is a nice way to get these first likes and comments.


5. Clear CTA


Make sure to include a clear call to action (CTA) at the end of your post.

Any interaction (like, comment or share) will increase your reach dramatically.

Make them comment on your post as comments weight more than likes.

Say something like:

  • “Tag a connection who could use help with this.”
  • “Comment ‘YES’ below and I’ll send you the link.”
  • “I’d love to hear you thoughts. Please leave a comment below.”


6. Text posts only


Text posts perform better than posts with images.

It seems like LinkedIn will limit your organic reach if you choose to include an image.

So don’t include any images.


7. Timing


Just as on any other social media platform, timing is everything.

I noticed that it’s best to post around noon or very early in the morning (8-9AM).

Don’t bother during the weekend or Monday.

Aim for Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Be consistent.


Wrapping it up


There you go! Use these tricks to boost your posts’ organic reach.

Post engaging stories consistently and maybe some day your post will go viral.

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Elyssa Van Landeghem on LinkedinElyssa Van Landeghem on Twitter
Elyssa Van Landeghem
Digital Marketer & Social Media Specialist at Verzekeringen NV
Elyssa is an all-round digital marketer who loves creating engaging content, and building online communities.
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