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Digital Marketing Belgium (DMB) is your free online hub for learning, discussing industry-related news, and networking. Apart from being a vibrant community, DMB offers digital marketing services for SMBs.

DMB was founded by Artur ‘T Kindt and Elyssa Van Landeghem on March 8th 2016 with one simple goal in mind: to unite all digital marketing enthusiasts in Belgium.

So far, we’ve welcomed more than 5,300 top-notch digital marketing professionals who love sharing tips and tricks to help you grow as a professional. Our community is heavily moderated and will only bring you the most valuable content, anytime, anywhere. 

Finally, we share our knowledge by offering digital marketing services including copywriting/translation, search engine advertising, social media management and reach amplification.

By leveraring our active and engaging community, you can enable conversations with potential customers, employees, influencers and/or brand ambassadors.

What Others Say

Digital Marketing Belgium helped me to gain more visibility for my new book ‘Social Technologies In Business’.

Isabel De Clercq

Trendcatcher - Firestarter - Sparkle Architect - Author, Wolters Kluwer

Digital Marketing Belgium is my favorite network for inspiration and knowledge sharing. Highly recommended.

Jeroen Persyn

Freelance Marketing & Marketing Manager, Jeroen Persyn

Digital Marketing Belgium is a valuable platform for both practical and theoretical questions on digital marketing.

Karolien Selhorst

Freelance Copywriter, Chaomatic

Digital Marketing Belgium consists of passionate digital marketers who are eager to answer all your questions.

Dimmy Snels

Social Media Marketer, Sales at Size

Our Team

Artur 'T Kindt

Artur 'T Kindt

Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

Artur brings more than 5 years of experience in startups and digital marketing agencies working for international brands such as Samsung, Atlas Copco, Pentair, and many more. As a freelancer, he has experience with managing both national and international campaigns across various industries. He’s especially interested in digital marketing strategy, community management, social media, search engine advertising, analytics, and business in general.


Elyssa Van Landeghem

Elyssa Van Landeghem

Founding Partner, Digital Content Manager

Elyssa has more than 5 years of digital marketing experience in B2C. She has ran successful campaigns for international agencies. Her true passion lies in social media, content marketing, SEO and copywriting.


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